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It's froze up

I was watching the movie and it froze up and my remove don't even work. I change a battery and check the remove but it not work at all. And there are no reset button on the device like some other type. And I don't want to unplug the cord I afraid it burn out the box . What do I do on the situation like this to able reset the box. One a gain the remove didn't work at all.

Please try the following: Method 1. - Press the home button on your remote control - If it can go to Home, open the Task Killer app - Using Task Killer you can close any open or frozen app Method 2. - If the above doesn't work, it's OK to remove the power cord - Wait about 5 minutes to plug it back in - Normally you don't want to do this too often. Use method 1 when possible.
Thank you, I did try everything like I said, the remove it not working at all. And the other problem is when you turn off the box it keep turn my tv off too. And my tv very expensive . Is there any set up and different remove could just turn the itv box off by it self. It kind complicate with itv remove. All my remove it only link until you set up by the main remove other wise it work individual please let me know if you have any suggestions if no resolve I may have to return . Thank you

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