The iTV Viet V3 TV box has the following features:

The physical box has an outside shell that is all black and a silver metal bottom. The "V" logo is 3D embossed on the top of the black shell.

It has 2 RAMS of storage and 32GB of memory. The serial number is at the bottom starting with: 400.XXX

To find How to videos and Help Instructions:

From the home page, go to Help on the right side menu, the How-to video are located there.  There are also instructions on how-to use the box.

The iTV Viet V3 remote is very sensitive. Do not take out the USB from the back of the box, the remote is synced with the USB and will not work without it. If you have any issues with the remote, there is an instruction manual included on how to reset or pair your remote. 

While using the iTV app, you do not need to use the air-mouse function. The air mouse is to be only used on some apps where you can not click the directional arrows.

If you are done watching the box, press the Home button and then turn off the TV. The box will automatic go to sleep mode after 15 minutes.

When you want to watch it again, turn on the TV and then press any button on remote to wake it up from sleep.