To update the iTV Viet app:

Open the iTV Viet app, read the message at the bottom of the screen. It will let you know the latest version number. Then look at the top left corner of the screen, it will say the version that your app is on. These two should match. If your version does not match to the one it says on the bottom, then using the remote control click the LEFT Arrow to open the side menu. Select - Clear Cache - OK- YES. After the cache clears, the iTV Viet will reopen and automatically update to the latest version. Please wait a few moments for this to complete.

To update other apps on the Home page:

The best way to watch the apps is in iTV Viet (V logo). All the apps will automatically update when there is a new version. If you watch the apps from the Home page, it doesn't automatically update for you.

Within iTV Viet, press LEFT Arrow on the remote to open the side menu. Select Help. In Help, you can install, uninstall and update more apps and they will appear on the Home page.  

To add apps to your Favourites on the Home page:

On the Home page, within All Apps: highlight the app that you want to add to your favourites. Then press the MENU on your remote and select Add to Favourites / or Remove to remove the app from Favourites.