Please read the manual before using. The USB chip must be in the iTV Viet box at all times. Each USB chip belongs to it’s own remote. You can not use the USB for another remote.

Basic Functions and Usage

• Choose the program then click OK to watch. To stop the program, click BACK.

• The MOUSE function can be used in YouTube, Google and any apps that require the mouse.

• Use the arrow buttons UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, OK and BACK to navigate.
• Use the MENU button on the iTV Viet remote to edit app settings.
Troubleshooting: Unresponsive remote control
A. Remove the USB from the back of the iTV Viet box and unplug the power of the box. Wait 1 mintue and replug the box. Wait until the picture appears on the TV, then insert the USB back inside the box.
B. Change the USB port in the back to another port.
C. Check the batteries.
D. Reset the remote control as per instruction. Pairing: If the remote does not respond, try replacing the batteries; otherwise follow these pairing
1. Take out the USB at the back of the iTV Viet box.
2. Place the remote on a flat surface to continue.
3. Press and hold the HOME and VOLUME
DOWN buttons at the same time.
4. Release the buttons when the blue light turns on.
5. Plug the USB into your TV box.
6. When the blue light quickly blinks and stops, pairing is complete.
Mouse Reset: If your mouse is not working properly, follow these instructions to reset it:
1. Place the remote on a flat surface to continue.
2. Press and hold the LEFT and RIGHT < OK > directional arrows on the remote.
3. When the blue light turns on, release the remote control.
4. The blue light will turn off when the mouse has been recalibrated.